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«The thing next man’s heart is health - life!

And it is so offensive and difficult when we fall out of the «comfort zone» because of the pain, in our story – tooth ache! Pain is the inner cry of the organism to our busy person!

In future, the worldly-wise persons try to prevent the disease in the oral cavity: either by prevention, careful observation, listening to own body and, certainly, the love for themselves and own smile, they just prevent the dental diseases. But not yet so worldly-wise persons periodically have to choose a dentist specialist who will help. Help competently!

It is difficult to make the choice. Every presentation of the Dentistry and every offer are oversaturated of assurance that «the best, the latest, the best educated, the most sparing and the most painless procedures and the best prices are nowhere else except here» are familiar to everybody.

Many people make their choice by polling all the friends and connect to the «word of mouth». There are patients, who write out, ring around a list of Clinics and commence the marathon of visits and consultations trying to make a rational choice.

I promise you that in any case your choice will be empirical. To make rational choice, one has to be at least a medical technician. In other words, in order to understand the medical system it is necessary to have at least the secondary medical education!

Therefore, the Trust is the main thing in «Patient – Dentistry» relations as with the lawyer!

When making a selection, the «Dental Clinic – Doctor» is the most correct scheme!

You may ask why? The answer is simple. Dental Clinic is a philosophy! This is attitude, guarantee of result and responsibility for every action in general and for a long time!

The doctor is knowledge, as well as school, techniques, erudition and, of course, a sense of humor!

When making a selection, the person just has to be observant.

To define-to feel the sincere attitude of the Clinic as a whole, to everybody. Not only to you, it is important. Sometimes, vanity can lull our caution and get into trouble, but observations in relation to others - never! You shall feel the attitude under the principle of «patient», if you feel «client» attitude, you are on the wrong way!

I wish you to be healthy and successful! We will be sincerely glad to see you – with a visit of planned preventive examination! (By the way, in terms of health we bring up the new generation of children of our today’s patients according to these principles!).

The philosophy of our Clinic is to achieve a certain ideal. Balance of eternal selection between «health-beauty» or «beauty-health», as well as the price for it, literally and figuratively.

Credo is in environmental friendliness and maximum naturalism. By this we mean primarily the use of natural high-quality technologies and materials.

Certainly, from this perspective we have a high net cost of services. In order to remain competitive, we must also keep our prices at a level accessible to the majority of working residents of Ukraine. Thus, we deliberately decrease our rate of profit.

We will be sincerely grateful if the patients appreciate our philosophy and pricing policy - designed to meet the modern concepts of dental services consistent with the era of the third millennium.»


Sincerely, Eka Leovna!


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