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The definition of “Aesthetic Dentistry” comprises two main concepts: teeth beauty, harmony of color, contours and functionality. This is modern dentistry!

The highly professional and high-quality performance of these main requirements makes it possible to recreate the lost and create new, harmonious smile.

Conventionally, the aesthetic dentistry includes the following services:

1. direct artistic restoration of anterior and/or buccal teeth with the use of light curing materials.

2.1. Veneers - indirect restoration of anterior teeth

2.2. Anatomical ceramic inlays - indirect restoration in the lateral segments.

3. Teeth whitening – change of the natural color of teeth by one or several shades.

4. Reparative surgery of the gums - Surgical Dentistry section.

Indirect restoration is an artificial reconstruction of the lost tooth tissues. This is high-tech process performed in the dental laboratory. The material used for indirect restoration is emax pressable ceramics Ivoclar (Germany).

Veneers are ceramic inlays on the frontal segment of the upper and / or lower jaw, which protect your teeth from further destruction, enamel abrasion, etc. Simultaneously with treatment, the veneers make it possible to correct color and form of teeth to your taste. Such restoration is long lasting. It can be conducted both on live teeth, with minimal interference with tooth tissue and on previously treated teeth.

Anatomical inlays are the same kind of ceramic inlays, which serve as high quality and reliable alternative to the bulky light curing restorations in buccal - chewing teeth. Why do we say reliable? Imagine the fragile, thin walls of crystal wineglass. Then sink a stone in it, which fills the entire wineglass by its volume, and then press from above. As a result of this test, you will get split wineglass wall.

Similarly happens with the teeth. When the volume of filling - restoration fills the entire cavity of the tooth crown. When chewing, the strength of the jaw, at average, reaches 450 kg, and certainly the tooth wall splits, in the best case scenario, often root of the tooth also splits. Therefore, when you can avoid the placement of crown, and the number of remaining healthy teeth allows you to make an anatomical inlay - agree! This is high-precision and highly aesthetic work, which, in contrast to the periodic necessity of filling replacement and increasingly large loss of healthy teeth tissue every time, means that the anatomical inlay will serve you for many decades!

Professional teeth whitening is fundamentally aesthetic procedure. The main thing here is the quality of the tooth enamel. If the enamel layer is thick enough and has no deep and numerous cracks on the surface the tooth / teeth can be whitened.

In our clinic we use the most gentle system for teeth whitening. The result is achieved through the elimination of the part of minerals from the tooth. Over time, the teeth again accumulate the minerals and therefore gradually return to their natural shade. Absolutely, it is preferable to execute teeth whitening in the clinic under supervision of a dentist. Number of whitening procedures throughout life is not endless. There comes a point of time when teeth begin to lose their shine or sharp sensitivity occurs. In such cases, the whitening can no longer be carried out.

Needless to say, when you are comfortable with respectable and beautiful smile and want to have whiter teeth – it means that you need one of the most highly - aesthetic art works - permanent Veneers.

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