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There are many causes of pathological changes in periodontal tissues for development of diseases of the oral cavity. In recent times, these diseases occur among dental patients more frequently. Unfortunately, we have to state the fact of the displacement of the age-related segment of diseases. As recently as ten years ago, this type of diseases occurred predominantly in patients aged 40-45 years and older, and in recent years the young people aged 22 years and older became the patients suffering from these problems.

1. Several main reasons can explain this process, for example, poor environment, as a result imperfect foodstuffs. The water plays an important role ...

2. Genetic predisposition.

3. Further, it may be a consequence of diabetes mellitus, chronic stress, AIDS, or allergic reactions to certain drugs.

4. Poor hygiene

5. Smoking.

Dynamics of gingival disease development

1. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gingival surface areas caused by the adverse effect of local and general factors. In case of gingivitis, the integrity of dentogingival junction is broken.

2. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the gingival tissues. The fetor oris and itch appears. Then the gum and bone tissue deteriorates. At advanced stage of periodontitis there is tooth loss and eventually the atrophy of the gingival crest and bone.

3. Parodontosis is s chronic dystrophic lesion of all periodontal tissues. The gum descents, which results in denudation of the dental roots, increased sensitivity to temperature changes and other sense of discomfort.

Symptoms of periodontium disorders.

Periodontal diseases are associated with destructurization of the tissues supporting one or several teeth. Very often, such diseases proceed without any symptoms and the patients suspect nothing about existing danger to the health of their teeth. The reason to visit the dentist are symptoms caused by the disorders in the periodontal tissues, such as gingival bleeding, acute pain in the teeth and gums, clearly visible recession of cervix dentis and bad breath.

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