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Surgical dentistry is the section about definitive therapy.

Surgical dentistry handles the following tasks:
1. Elimination of the consequences of poor-quality or late dental treatment
a.) removal of massively destructed teeth unfit for treatment and dental prosthetics
b.) removal of cysts, cystogranulomas, granulomas caused by destructed or improperly treated teeth.

2. Removal of impacted, embedded teeth constituting a threat of dysfunction of the dento-alveolar system in its entirety. As a rule, most of these teeth are wisdom teeth and super-numerary teeth. In some cases their removal can be quite difficult and shall be carried out as a complex surgery that requires specific competence of the surgeon and careful follow-up after surgery.

3. Preparation of the conditions for rehabilitation after teeth loss by creating the necessary volume of bone and soft tissues:
a.) guided osteosynthesis by osteotrophic materials or autogenous bone from other anatomical area in order to create satisfactory conditions for implantation
b.) fine tissue sculpting.

The implantology holds a separate section in surgical dentistry,
which enables to perform rehabilitation without the use of removable prosthesis.

The dental implant is essentially artificial tooth root made of biocompatible material introduced by the dental surgeon into the bone tissue.

In a while, depending on the type of bone and selected implant system, the implant integrates into the bone tissue. It reaches stability. It provides restoration of the dento-jaw system function by highly aesthetic but not removable prosthesis. In this case, the patient receives restored masticatory efficiency and beautiful smile.

Types of implants and implantation systems.
Each implantation system can have some distinctive characteristics.

When choosing a system, the main criteria for patients shall be connection method, composition, and of course the authenticity of the implant!

In terms of significancy, we can put the cost into second place.

If you are offered the implants with hexagon connection system - you can refrain from their fitting. Such implants will serve for 15 years maximum. And then what? The implants with tapered connection are much more durable and reliable.

Tapered type of connection minimizes the probability of penetration of the organic matters in the future, and thus is long-term, life-long!

However, both professional competence of doctor and correct selection of implant are important, as well as the design of restoration on implants, etc.

It may be said unambiguously that the more intellectual and high-quality the implant system, the better protection “from the fool” you have!

In most cases, we recommend and therefore use in our practice the following implant systems:

1. Straumann - one of the best implant systems. This is premium segment implantation system. It is manufactured in Switzerland. In most clinical cases, the implants of this system make it possible to avoid additional osteo-corrective surgery. They can be implanted in clinically complicated cases and conditions when other systems are weak.

The period of full integration and adaptation of Straumann implant is from 1 to 2 months.

In addition, Straumann system implants have unique alloy composition: 80% - titanium and 20% - zircon

2. Dentium implants are rightly reckoned number-one in the mid-segment. Manufactured in South Korea. As for Straumann, the system has tapered connection. Composition: 80% of titanium and 20% of aluminium.

The period of full integration and adaptation of Dentium implant Dentium is 4 months.

After the integration period, which in its turn depends on the selected system, we segue to the next section of dentistry “Orthopedics” - restoration on implants.

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