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Treatment and prevention

Every patient of Dentistry, like any other medical field, if you want to be healthy, you need to devote more time to prevention. In our direction - hygiene of the oral cavity. Only on you depends, your teeth will be healthy, or you will permanently be a dental patient. Of course, the genetic heritage has a great influence, it simply means that such people need a bit more and a little more attention to hygiene of their teeth, gums. It is not entirely correct to write off all genes and a bad ecology.

If you want to have beautiful and healthy teeth, use floss regularly and discard «toothpicks». Believe me, dental floss has a huge impact on the health of teeth and gums. Do not forget about rinsing your teeth and mouth. For example, the irrigator, will give you quite professional care for teeth and oral cavity – at home.

Often to achieve excellent hygiene, it is enough to use simple salt - soda solution. If you prefer rinsers with flavoring or color fillings, then please, the variety of assortment on the shelves of shops and pharmacies is able to satisfy any most demanding or pretentious taste.

You can ask that all your dental and oral care products are picked up by your doctor hygienist! When you regularly, with a preventive purpose, become a dentist, you will avoid many costly and radical manipulations.

Therapeutic dentistry.

The main section in dentistry is Therapeutic Dentistry. Despite modern achievements in the methods of prosthetics and worthy replacements of the removed teeth through implantation, there is still nothing better than their teeth. And it is the therapeutic dentistry that is responsible for preserving the health and beauty of natural teeth.

The main diseases of the therapeutic section are: caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, stomatitis. The number one task for a dentist is qualitative diagnosis. Then determine the rational algorithm of actions and achieve a guaranteed result.

Slowly the current pathological process taking place in the solid tissues of the tooth and developing as a result of the complex impact of unfavorable external and internal factors. In the initial stage of development, caries is detected by focal demineralization. Eventually, running processes lead to the destruction of the tooth tissues. In the absence of treatment, there are inflammatory complications from the pulp and periodontium.

Caries is the most common disease. The exact cause of its occurrence is not known. The main assumption is a local change in pH under dental plaque, the second cause is streptococci.

The consequence of neglected caries is pulpitis. Characteristic symptoms of pulpitis is a spontaneous acute pain, often at night.

In most cases, periodontitis develops as a consequence of untreated or not treated caries and pulpitis. Periodontitis is cunning for human health. It leads to complications in the form of an osteomyelitis of the jaw, purulent inflammation of the soft tissues of the face and neck, acute sepsis. Started periodontitis, sometimes, requires hospitalization of the patient.
Preventing periodontitis is the timely treatment of caries and pulpitis.

Defeat the mucous membrane of the mouth. Develops stomatitis as an independent disease or as a consequence of other diseases, for example: zhkt, ulcerative, narcotic, venereal, herpes, allergies, etc. The reasons for its occurrence, as a rule, are considered lowering of immunity, insufficient hygiene or dry mouth, bacterial infection, exacerbation of chronic diseases, various injuries of the oral cavity. To treat stomatitis, it is necessary to establish the cause that caused the disease. The correct diagnosis can be made only by a dentist.

Be healthy!

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